The cheapest 2TB external SSD costs barely more than its internal equivalent

Solid state drives are often preferable to hard disk drives for a number of reasons – they’re faster, more resilient and smaller too. The only real problem is how expensive they can be, especially when it comes to large capacity models.

Enter the 2TB Fantom Drives GFORCE 3.1 external SSD, which can be purchased from Newegg for as little as $218.20 (or roughly £170). 

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Bug bounties have made these hackers millionaires

Bug bounty programs continue to grow as businesses and even federal governments seek out the help of white hat hackers to find vulnerabilities in their software. The bug bounty platform HackerOne, which helps connect companies to ethical hackers, has grown to include a community of 600,000 white hackers who managed to cash in a record […]