Sushmita Sen has found medicine for COVID-19 and we think it will definitely work! | Hindi Movie News

Coronavirus has become a threat to humanity as there is no cure for it. And due to the outbreak, the whole world has come to a standstill.

A 21-day lockdown has been imposed on India in the wake of Coronavirus pandemic. Celebs have been sharing pictures and videos of how they are spending the quarantine period at their homes.

And now, former beauty queen and Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen has found medicine for Coronavirus aka COVID-19. The actress posted a picture medicine bottle with ‘COVID-19 Medicine – STAY AT HOME’ written over it. In her caption, she requested everyone not take any kind of medicine without a prescription. The caption read, “#important 🙏 while we are home, please don’t self medicate without checking with a doctor. The following information is for you & your families to be aware…do check with your doctors before taking my word for it!!🙏🤗 “Just got this from Cornell:


Information from Vienna’s laboratory studying COVID-19 say vast majority of people who died had ibuprofen in their system so do not take it!! Those who recovered did not take ibuprofen so if you have symptoms, take Paracetamol only!!! Looks like this virus thrives on ibuprofen so don’t do it and tell everyone you can!!! There are a few articles online

No Ibuprofens or any NSAIDS (Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs)

#stayhome #avoidselfmedication #checkwithdoctorfirst 👍❤️ I love you guys!!”

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Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has declared COVID-10 as the pandemic.

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