I used a MacBook Pro to play GeForce Now – the Butterfly keyboard is bad for gaming

I’ll be the first to admit that streaming services like GeForce Now are nowhere near where they need to be to disrupt the gaming market like they clearly intend to. But they are kind of cool, and that’s doubly true for GeForce Now. 

The thing that attracts me to Nviida’s service over something like Google Stadia is that I don’t have to buy any games that I already own to play – I get to use my existing Steam, Origin and Epic Games libraries, all of which I’ve been building up for literally years in a long string of terrible financial decisions. 

I love that I’ll be able to play my games on my MacBook Pro – at least some of them – while I’m chilling in my living room, tens of feet away from my gaming PC. But, that means playing with the Butterfly keyboard.

MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019)

I’m upset that I can’t find some way to use the Touchbar in games (Image credit: Future)

Let me get one thing out of the way

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