High-Protein Diet: This Spicy Paneer 65 Makes For An Ideal Evening Snack (Recipe Inside)

High-Protein Diet: This Spicy Paneer 65 Makes For An Ideal Evening Snack (Recipe Inside)

Paneer 65 is the perfect appetizer to cook at home.


  • Paneer 65 is the perfect mix of cottage cheese cubes and 65 masala
  • This appetizer tantalizes the tastebuds with its spicy taste
  • Here’s a simple recipe for this delicious snack you can try at home

We all are familiar with the flaming hot recipe Chicken 65 that ignites the taste buds like nothing else. But why should this spicy dish be limited to non-vegetarians alone? There are so many options of the ’65’ recipes for vegetarians, some of which include Gobhi 65 and Mushroom 65. This Paneer 65 recipe is another delectable version that vegetarians can savour with the classic spicy and tangy ’65’ masala. It is cooked exactly the way Chicken 65 would be including the entire marination process too.

The secret of the Paneer 65 masala lies in some humble spices that can be easily found within the Indian kitchen. These include red chilli powder, Kashmiri chilli powder, black pepper powder and coriander powder. The versatile spices are combined with paneer cubes and marinated for about 15 minutes in order to let the chilli seep into the paneer. Meanwhile, the batter for frying Paneer 65 can be prepared which is basically a combination of curd, maida, corn flour and egg white. Egg white is an optional addition. The batter is mixed with the marinated paneer cubes and fried until golden-brown.

The best thing about Paneer 65 is that it is crispy from the outside and soft and chewy from the inside. The balance of textures works extremely well for this dish, which can be a perfect appetiser or even a tea-time snack. For people who love spicy food and can’t get enough of the ‘teekha’ taste in their meals, the paneer 65 can be a main course dish too! A bonus is that paneer is a great source of protein, thus making the recipe a wholesome and satiating one from the nutrition point of view as well.

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