High-Protein Breakfast: How To Make Kerala-Style Kadala Curry At Home (Recipe Inside)

Kadala curry is a delightful black gram curry made in Kerala.


  • Kerala style Kadala curry is made from high-protein black chana
  • The curry has coconut and a blend of delicious south Indian spices
  • Kadala curry becomes even more tasty when had with puttu or Appam

The minute we think of having a South Indian dish for breakfast, the first thing that pops up to our mind is an idli or dosa sambar. But there’s surely more to the cuisine than just this, right? If you’re bored to death with the usual South Indian fare, here’s something new for you to try. Kadala Curry is a staple in most households in Kerala and is usually eaten for breakfast. The curry serves as a great accompaniment and is had with coconut-rice puttu or a light appam.

Made with an array of spices, this Malabar curry is based with boiled black chana. Some other ingredients required for the curry are traditional Keralite spices such as mustard seeds and coriander. Grated coconut and curry leaves are also added to the Kadala curry decoction to give it an edge of Southern Indian flavours. If you thought Kadala curry wasn’t spicy at all, dispel that thought entirely as the recipe uses two whole red chillis as well as red chilli powder. Spices and coconut is ground together to make a flavourful paste, which is what the Kadala curry uses as a base.

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The health benefits of eating black chana for breakfast are also manifold. They are immensely rich in dietary fibres and protein – both of which are essential building blocks of the human body. Potassium content is also quite high in black chana, which is vital for regulating blood pressure and enhancing metabolism. Another added bonus is the high amounts of iron in black chana, which is an important ingredient to strengthen bones and maintain overall health too.

The recipe of Kadala curry is quite simple, and is prepared just like any other curry. But the delicious flavours and burst of aroma in this recipe promise a flavourful experience like no other. Once you try the Kadala curry, you will surely not be able to go back to eating just regular South Indian fare anymore. Try the recipe and see it for yourself!

Watch The Recipe Video Of Kadala Curry Here:

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