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Saturday marked the second day the number of new coronavirus fell since Thursday when China’s Hubei province began including clinical diagnoses in its official count. Using the wider scope of classification, the province reported 15,152 cases, including 13,332 that were diagnosed using doctors’ analyses and lung imaging, as opposed to the prior standard of laboratory testing. Hubei health authorities said in the notice that the new method was adopted to facilitate earlier treatment for those suspected of infection.

A Chinese national, who was kept under observation at Naidu hospital in Pune after he had vomited on a Delhi-Pune flight, and was discharged recently after testing negative for the coronavirus, has written to Maharashtra health authorities to thank them for being helpful and ensuring that everything was well managed. In his message, he wrote that he had been nervous as he was not sure about the hospital facilities and the language barrier. “However, everyone was very helpful… Everything is quite well-managed including food, cleaning and nursing service. It is an isolation facility but it does not really feel like one. So again, thanks everyone,” he wrote, as per officials.

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