Rishi Kapoor asks government to open all licensed liquor stores in the evening for some time amid lockdown, here’s why | Hindi Movie News

Since the day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced the lockdown actor Rishi Kapoor has been quite active on Twitter sharing his views and concerns. After expressing his concern of declaring ‘Emergency’, now he has suggested the government authorities open all licensed liquor stores in the evening for some time. The veteran actor took to […]

Hyderabad’s Sangeetha Ksheera Sagaram live streamed its concerts days before the lockdown, following the outbreak of COVID-19

In what was the last leg of classical concerts held in Hyderabad prior to the Coronavirus scare, Sangeetha Ksheera Sagaram’s expansive line-up of artists for their annual music series held at Saptaparni didn’t go unnoticed by connoisseurs. The latter half of the concert series had yet again provided a major impetus for the instrumentalists besides […]

Arjun Kapoor on Coronavirus outbreak: Let’s hope we learn to value the simpler things in life once all this is over | Hindi Movie News

COVID-19 has brought the whole world to a standstill. It has also changed everyone’s perspective of looking at things. Bollywood celebs have been sharing pictures and videos on their respective social media handle to keep their fans motivated and strong during the 21-day lockdown imposed due to the Coronavirus outbreak. And now, Arjun Kapoor took […]

COVID-19: Tiger Shroff asks everyone to stay home so the selfless warriors working outside for our safety can go home and meet their families soon | Hindi Movie News

Bollywood actors have been updating their fans about what they are doing during the lockdown imposed due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Along with their personal updates, celebs are also sharing posts to keep everyone motivated during the tough times we are facing right now! On Friday, Tiger Shroff took to his Instagram to share an […]