Billie Eilish’s Bond theme for No Time To Die is a big improvement on last time

The theme tune for James Bond movies is always a prestigious gig, and we’ve had a variable bunch of the years: the last effort, Sam Smith’s ‘Writing’s on the Wall’, was reportedly written in 20 minutes, and the lyrics really told that story. Billie Eilish’s Bond theme for No Time To Die, the coming (allegedly) final outing for Daniel Craig’s James Bond, has much more to it.

The song has now been released on Spotify and YouTube in full, over a month before No Time To Die’s April 3 release date. Have a listen below:  

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This 31TB Samsung super SSD is now almost affordable

It’s been nearly five years since Samsung unveiled its PM1643 SSD range, and in that time, the average price of its highest capacity model (the 30.72TB MZILT30THMLA) has fallen steadily in line with the wider industry. You can now buy the drive for a mere $8,379 (roughly £6,500) from US-based online retailer Serversupply, after a […]